Publishers need to not even think of readers as readers

24 Aug 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 163 parole

Anis Shivani interviews Richard Nash (Huffington Post):

"I've been intrigued by Richard Eoin Nash since the time he ran the indie press Soft Skull Press in the 2000s. His new enterprise is Red Lemonade/Cursor, a reader/participant-oriented publishing venture hoping to take full advantage of the social potential of new media. I recently had the opportunity to talk to him via email about the future of publishing in a rapidly changing landscape."
Read the full interview: Writing And Reading In The Digital Age

Money quote

"Publishers need to not even think of readers as readers. We need to go straight from recognizing their existence to recognizing that they are active participants in the making of culture, not just passive consumers, and the publisher needs to actively engage them in that, not just finally grasp they're important and start grabbing their email address."

Forking paths

“We need to move aggressively to change how we do business now” Vs There’s just no future in making money solely from selling digital content

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