Who Has the Power in Publishing

26 Aug 2011 in international, interviews | questo post è lungo 215 parole

_ A Dialog Between J.A. Konrath & Blake Crouch_

"Joe: Sure, you could self-pub. But you'd pay a fortune for sub-standard books that were non-returnable--or if they were returnable, you ended up with 3000 books in your garage because they were too expensive and the cover art was terrible. So bookstores wouldn't stock your book, and if they did, it probably wouldn't sell. Before ebooks, self-publishing was basically a one-way ticket to epic faildom. Blake: Then along came Kindle, the first runaway hit in the ebook revolution. A few things made this momentous..." Read the full post

Money quote

"The Big 6 would come on to writers like a very attractive woman would come on to an eligible man. A crude analogy, but an apt one. They could pick and choose who they wanted to get into bed with, and the men were always grateful for the opportunity. After all, when a cute girl chooses you, you're flattered, excited, and you go for it, no questions asked.

But that ship has sailed. Now, the attractive woman isn't the Big 6. She is now the ereadermanufacturers who sell content on their online stores. Amazon, B&N, Sony, Kobo, Apple..."

Forking paths:

Indie Publishing – A Win/Win For All Concerned? Vs.  Mr. Swift's Moronic Proposal: Ebooks Will Keep Writers From Writing!

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