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29 Aug 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 228 parole

_ Nathan Bransford, "By the Time A Self-Published Author Hits it Big, Do They Really Need a Publisher?"_

"This post title has been sitting in my Draft file for months, well before the news broke that self-publishing star John Locke inked a print-only dealwith Simon & Schuster, choosing to continue to self-publish his own e-books.

For now, self-published authors absolutely do need publishers in some form if they want to hit it really big because publishers can get print books into bookstores. But as the John Locke deal demonstrates, they don't necessarily need them to publish the e-books, and in fact, in many if not most cases the authors would prefer to hang onto e-book rights themselves.

And this is a major challenge for publishers as we move forward into a primarily e-book world: By the time a self-published author hits it big will they really need a publisher?

Let's revise that: In an e-book world, by the time any author hits it big will they really need a publisher?" Read full post

Money quote

"For publishers, here's the nightmare publishing path for authors of the future: Author signs with traditional publisher for first book, author hits it big, author says thankyouverymuch I got this now and self-publishes from then on out."

Forking paths

Konrath: “Publishing can’t survive. It just can’t. It is no longer necessary”  Vs.  Trends we see in publishing

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