Would you let someone die?

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The Author

Jacob Appel is an American author, bioethicist and social critic. He is best known for his short stories, his work as a playwright, and his writing in the fields of reproductive ethics, organ donation, neuroethics and euthanasia. has won a lot of prestigious awards: Boston Review (1998), New Millennium (2004, 2007, 2008), Faulkner (2004), O. Henry Award (2001).

In Sickness and in Health

****In Sickness and in Health will tear apart in a flash ordinary lifes showing us dramas, conflicts and uncertainties.

During the "soft launch" we gave to some our librarians the opportunity to read this great novelette. So you can find some reviews on the Amazon web page (and more are on the way). We picked a single quote (from the Kitsune's review):

"Jacob Appel leads the reader into a moral conflict through his meticulous narrative. At which point respecting other's beliefs could imply letting someone die? Would you stay at someone's side till science (or illness) do you part?"

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No other woman is generous as much as Tracey Rose is. She volunteered in the children's room of the public library and at the nature preserve; every evening she puts on the table a moulticourse vegan supper. Gadney knows how lucky he is. Her boy, JJ, genuinely like him, never direct resentment at his mother's lover. And yet, Gadney  wonders if Tracey could really understand him, his beliefs, his deep convintions. Gadney is a medical doctor and Tracey a Christian Scientists: they reject science and believe that disease comes from sin and that only the Lord can heal us.

The day that measles started to spread between Cormorant Cove's children their convinctions crash. JJ needs a doctor, Tracey Rose doesn't want to go there. And then a child died.

"How can you possibly explain three young children getting sick at the same time", asked Gadney, choosing each word carefully, "By any means other than contagion?"

"If they play toghether", Norma snapped, "they probably sin together."

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