The shape of our future book

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Craig Mod, "The shape of our future book"

"Over the last ten months of working at a startup, I’ve noticed that it’s very easy to lose perspective. That is, it's easy to forget to stick your head up and get context for the work at which your're cranking away. This is especially true while working on front-line digital content design problems. The notion of a “new,” digital kind of book scares a lot of folks because there is such a rich fabric of romanticism, nostalgia and myth built up around the physical book. These qualities — romantic, nostalgic, mythical — are really indicative of emotion. And we don't want to lose that emotion. It's easy to forget this; I know I do. I forget how the weight of those myths (some real, some imagined) can and should be informing the work I’m doing now. As designers working with ebooks, we are at a point of special convergence: many of the promises of digital books (promises that have been spoken for decades) are coming to fruition. Not the least of which being almost everyone carries with them a digital device capable of smartly displaying ebooks. But even more powerful is that all books in the world are being smooshed into a single point, and we finally have enough of a semblance of standards and distribution of devices to seriously consider interesting things to do with that point. So I asked myself — how does one view the emotional weight of books in the context of our current excitement? " Read the full post

Money quote:

"The current surface forms for digital books are far from perfect, but they work and are getting better with each device and software iteration. So, in my opinion, many of the critical future questions digital books designers will have to address don’t directly involve pure content layout. Future-book design is not merely about font sizes and leading. Instead, our hardest (and possibly most rewarding) problems will involve the intermingling of content and data."

Forking paths:

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