Trends in Publishing: 15 People You Should Follow (and Why)

07 Sep 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 258 parole

My last post about trends in publishing got a bit of interest. Anyway, we do live in a well connected world and anyone can read trends, listening to the right signals. Here's a list to start with.

(There are more than 15 people that you should follow -I'm grateful to every single source in my feed reader. I compiled this list trying to cover different points of view. Feel free to add more sources: comments are open. Anyway, this is a list of people. Next time, maybe, a list of websites and webzines...)


Understanding the present

Mike Shatzkin

Twitter: @MikeShatzkin Blog: The Shatzkin Files

Envisioning the future

Richard Nash

Twitter: @R-Nash Blog: Richard Eoin Nash


Publishing can't survive

J. A Konrath

Twitter: @JAKonrath Blog: A Newbie's Guide to Publishing

Times, they're changing

Bob Mayer

Twitter: @Bob_Mayer Blog: Write It Forward


David Gaughran

Twitter: @DavidGaughran Blog: Let's Get Digital


Writers, wake up!

Kristine Rusch

Twitter: @KristineRusch Blog:  Business Rusch

Leading the crowd

Jane Friedman

Twitter: @JaneFriedman Blog: Being Human at Electric Speed

_Sharing ideas _

Nathan Bransford

Twitter: @NathaBransford Blog: Nathan Bransford

Thinking outside the box

Dean Wesley Smith

Twitter: @DeanWesleySmith Blog:  Dean Wesley Smith


Joanna Penn

Twitter: @TheCreativepenn Blog: The Creative Penn

Building platforms

Dan BlankDan Blank

Twitter: @DanBlank Blog: WeGrowMedia

Social networking

Justine MuskJustine Musk

Twitter: JustineMusk Blog: Tribalwriter


Monitoring and sharing great resources

Piotr Kowalczyk

Twitter: @namenick Blog: Password Incorrect

The Passive Voice

Twitter: @passivevoiceblg Blog: The Passive Voice

Joel Friedlander

Twitter: @JFBookman Blog: The Book Designer

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