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Scott Nicholson, "Socializing Inside the Book"

"I was one of the handful of authors chosen for an Amazon beta test of a new @author feature, where readers are encouraged to not only share on the author’s Amazon Author Central page, but to comment from the Kindle, inside the story itself!

I think that is amazing and cool, and while some writers moan and whine about being “bugged” by their readers, I see readers at the reason I do this. I want to connect with them. I want them to consume me, figuratively and almost literally. Because that is the primary reason I am on social media! That’s who I am and that is what I do. That doesn’t mean that I only tweet about my books, because that is dull and drives people away. I want to bring people into the books so we can share human experience.

So I invited anyone to comment. I have always answered every email, Tweet, or DM I get—it’s not only good manners, but it’s how I live my life. I spend most of my time in front of a computer. I can’t be everywhere, so I count on my social media to truly be “social”—it’s pretty much my reality as well as my virtual life."
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Money quote:

"Why would I want to hide from that? Authors already bemoaning the Amazon feature as “yet another social media obligation” might soon realize that it is not going to “waste” more time. It may be that you are primarily interested in the books you read and write, at least as the meeting place or water cooler, and how could that be wrong? It looks to me like it will save you time, because you are where the readers are. You can give up the other forms of social media if you want."

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