The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors.

14 Sep 2011 in international, interviews | questo post è lungo 142 parole

_ Bob Mayer, "The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors."_

"I already hear the screams.  What about readers?  Agents?  Publishers?   Bookstores?  The aliens from Roswell?  That single book buyer for Wal-Mart?

Let me explain.

For many years the choke point in publishing was distribution.  That is no longer true with the rise of the eBook.  So the traditional route of writer-agent-editor-publisher-sales forces-book buyer-bookstore-reader has been broken.  We’ve got writer-reader (of course there is editing, formatting, etc. but that can be outsourced so it’s not a chokepoint any more)." Read the full post

Money quote

"99.5% of indie/self-published authors will be gone in two years.  Other will take their place.  And be gone in two years.  The gatekeeper to a writer’s success is the writer."

Forking paths

How to Self Promote Without Selling Your Soul  Vs.  How the Crowd Is Shaping the Future of Storytelling

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