Disruption Is Not A Dirty Word

15 Sep 2011 in international, interviews | questo post è lungo 224 parole

_ David Gaughran, "Disruption Is Not A Dirty Word"_

"The word 'disruption' is often written with negative or pejorative connotations. The Latin root means to break or split something apart. Today, it also means to interrupt, to throw into turmoil, or to create disorder.

Disruption – in business terms – is a time of great change, usually caused by an innovation that creates a new market. Change can mean opportunity, but only if you position yourself correctly.

The widespread availability and popularity of the internet inaugurated an age of huge disruption for the newspaper business. Their struggles are well documented, but one of the unexpected side-effects of the transition to web-based newspaper reading has been the decline of long-form journalism."

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Money quote

"The large publishers will tell you that people are quite happy to pay $9.99 or even $14.99 for John Grisham’s latest. But these readers are not attached to the price point or the publisher, the brand they are loyal to is the author. If John Grisham suddenly decided to self-publish, his readers wouldn’t abandon him because he was shorn of his publisher’s logo, or priced at $4.99. In fact, I would bet anything that his sales would rise."

Forking paths

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