Readers are the partners — not the customers — of digital publishers

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Rachel Aydt's interview for Publishing Perspectives to Giuseppe Granieri, 40k's Editorial Director

"As a general practice, what involvement do you expect your authors to play in publicizing their own work. Do you ask them to involve their own social media platforms?

Authors are a great hub, the best way to connect books and readers. This works in many ways: large, traditional, fan bases are solid, but slow to activate. Online platforms are faster and easier to activate, but that means a lot of daily work. The ideal author is the one that has a fan base and has the skills to work with a platform online. If an author knows the way, you’ll have an author with a platform. The platform-building requires a lot of skills, a lot of talent and much work. You cannot ask an author to do it, but you can value it when they do.

Where do you see the future of publishing heading?

I can see the actual trends, not the destination. We may like it or not, but in the future we’ll have less printed books, less bookstores, less space on the shelves. However, we’ll have more and more books, more and more self-published authors (mostly the famous ones). We’ll see a growing up role of the digital grammar for everything that is related with findability of books." Read the full post

Money quote:

"We live in accelerated times. If you have a great idea and that idea works well, a few weeks are enough time to see everyone doing it, or simply to discover that your niche is filled. That’s why you must build the brand awareness with your individual style, with your approach, with your never-ending stream of ideas. What sets us apart is that we also realize that our readers are the partners — not the customers — of digital publishers. We listen very carefully to our readers and take seriously our commitment to them."

Forking paths:

****40K Books: la maison d'éditon qui pense numérique vs. Dead Man Walking

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