The Myth of the 99 Cent Book. The value drops. Nobody wins.

19 Sep 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 135 parole

Thomas Baekdal, " The Myth of the 99 Cent Book"

"Three has been quite lot of buzz around the rumor that Amazon is going to create a renting model around ebooks. I have two problems with that. First of all, I believe the digital renting business is fundamentally flawed.

It makes sense in a world in which renting can reduce the cost of inventory. But in a digital world there is no inventory. Renting is a business model for physical products.

My biggest concern, however, is one of price." Read the full post

Money quote:

"The value drops. Nobody wins. The authors are not making enough money to produce real value and the readers time are wasted with each book."

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