Am I Selling Books Just Because My Books are Cheap?

25 Sep 2011 in international, interviews | questo post è lungo 188 parole

Catherine Ryan Howard, "Am I Selling Books Just Because My Books are Cheap?"

"In the midst of the Polly Courtney hullabaloo over the term “chick-lit”, I happened upon a  somewhat snide blog comment that suggested Courtney would do better if she were to return to her self-publishing roots and “sell her books for 10p on Amazon”. The implication being that self-publishing success stories, which invariably feature e-books being sold for sofa change, are only success stories because those e-books are being sold for sofa change. Now I’m only in the minor leagues of self-publishing success, but I have had some: since March 2010 I’ve sold around 8,500 copies of a travel memoir of sorts, Mousetrapped, and ..." Read the full post

Money quote

"But would I have sold anywhere near as many if I’d charged more than $2.99 (about £1.90) for them? And if the answer to that question is no, what does that mean for traditional publishers – who, forgive me Self-Publishing Overlords, I call “proper” publishers – and their £9.99 e-book price-tags?"

Forking paths

Publishing vs Self-publishing: Amazon is the Best of Both Worlds  Vs.  How to Self Promote Without Selling Your Soul

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