Amazon's grip tightens on the entire book-publishing chain

27 Sep 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 194 parole

Julianne Pepitone, "Amazon's grip tightens on the entire book-publishing chain"

"Amazon's low-priced bestsellers and Kindle e-reader are famous for changing the book industry. What's not so well known is how deeply Amazon's tentacles reach into all parts of the industry, including its growing interest in inking deals with authors to publish some of the hit books Amazon sells.

Booksellers and publishers are crying foul, saying they're being cut out of the chain by an aggressive Goliath. But some authors who have recently signed with Amazon Publishing say the company simply offered them a better, fairer deal than traditional publishers. And those Amazon deals are a boon for consumers, the authors say, because they bring earlier book releases and cheaper prices." Read the full post

Money quote:

"As more customers adopt Kindles, iPads and other devices that make e-books more attractive, the print-to-digital shift will start snowballing. By expanding its own publishing arm, Amazon accelerates the rate at which traditional publishers could find themselves entirely cut out of the supply chain."

Forking paths:

****Readers are the partners — not the customers — of digital publishers  vs. Yet Another Agent Becomes a Publisher Without Becoming a Publisher

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