Hard Truths for Book Publishers

30 Sep 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 194 parole

Matthew Cain, "The Future of the Book"

"According to figures just released by Nielsen BookScan, The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern made it into the top ten hardback bestsellers for last week after selling just 1,617 copies – while Gerald Seymour’s A Deniable Death qualified for the top 50 after selling just 203 copies.

Let’s be honest, the figures are nothing short of shocking. And they don’t stop there. So far this year, overall sales of physical novels are down 9.44 per cent; paperbacks are down 8.97 per cent while hardbacks are down 12.71 per cent.
But some authors are still attached to the format..."
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Money quote:

"But for me, the impact of the ebook is about more than just sales. Digitalisation of books has exposed the glacial pace at which the publishing industry moves. In today’s world, it seems ludicrous to have to wait a whole year for a format intended to connect with a mass readership. We’re used to getting what we want instantly – and publishing is starting to look woefully out of step."

Forking paths:

****Short is more  vs. Amazon’s grip tightens on the entire book-publishing chain

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