A story with a lot of clones and some brandy

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A city vanishing, a concerned major, a smart detective. Will the city of Calvino be saved?

Palomar, Calvino's major, is in trouble: just the hydraulic skeleton of the city is left because of an infestation… of Marco Polos. This is a mystery that needs a detective who keeps up with the situation. And Palomar has the right phone number to call.

The absurdity investigator Sampietro Mischief is back. This time he is up against an army of Marco Polos... With minimal help from Chives, his assistant and pet monster, can he prevail against the metafictional obstacles he is sure to encounter? Or not?

A story with a lot of clones and some brandy.

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"Will Sampietro Mischief save Calvino before it is destroyed? Where do the clones come from? Will it be a proper time to drink a glass of brandy? If you make a funny face and the wind changes direction, would your face freeze with that expression? All those questions have their own peculiar answers in the way only Rhys Hughes' prose can.
You don't have to read The Astral Disruptor before since the story stands for itself and you'll understand the plot without the need of further background, but I highly recommend reading it. You'll love it too."
Kitsune | @Kitsune_ng 


"At long last we reached the outskirts of Calvino. I was baffled by what I saw and had to consult my map. Yes, this was the right location. I had seen puctures of the city in its prime, with the nests of spiders and difficult loves on every street corner, but this looked nothing like that. It was a network of pipes, water conduits, a gurgling lattice, a maze of encased liquid. The rest of the city had been stripped away."


«Influenced by Borges, Calvino and Stanislaw Lem, Hughes's fiction is both intellectual and hilarious with plenty of jokes, puns and satirical side-swipes to keep the reader constantly amused»


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