Chicken Little by Cory Doctorow

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Cory Doctorow’s novella ‘Chicken Little’ [..] does an excellent job of updating and commenting on some of the themes that informed Pohl & Kornbluth’s classic novel 'The Space Merchants'. _
_Doctorow’s updated high-tech take on Pohl’s take on Jonathan Swift’s 'struldbrugs,' creatures who have immortality but not eternal youth, continuing to age through their extended lives, is particularly ingenious.

_ I wouldn’t be surprised to see this one show up on an award ballot next year._
Gardner Dozois, Locus Magazine

A story with a product designer, jetpacks and an immortal quadrillionaire living in a vat.
"Chicken Little" also appears in the collection "With a Little Help".


$ 0.99 (until November, 16): Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (DE)


"There's an interesting corollary of the growth of mass and the corresponding shrink of power, in the extremely good Cory Doctorow story "Chicken Little," which is about the future of advertising, when firms are devoted to the “ultra-high-net-worth individual..." which means there have been three completed sales in total by all agencies combined. As entities consolidate power and wealth, as corporations become people and vice versa (Mitt Romney agrees!), those entities also begin to control how much "juice" things get on the Internet. What you know, how you know it and what you buy, all wrapped up together."
The Awl


"They're meaningless," she said. "That's the point. The sums are just a convenient way of directing power. Power is what matters."
"I don't mean to offend you," he said carefully, "but that's a scary sounding thing to say."
"Now you're getting it," she said


Cory Doctorow is a science fiction author, activist, journalist and blogger -- the co-editor of Boing Boing and the author of Tor Teens/HarperCollins UK novels like "For The Win" and the bestselling "Little Brother".
He is the former European director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and co-founded the UK Open Rights Group. Born in Toronto, Canada, he now lives in London.

Franco Brambilla is an award-winning Italian illustrator devoted to sci-fi.


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