La Stampa / 40k: a deal for a new kind of journalism

24 Nov 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 245 parole

Ebooks as a new kind of journalism: Kindle Singles, Huffington Post, Guardian, Los Angeles Times, disprove

"the typical thinking that web users want their information in small, easy chunks, sites like Longform.org – which curates more in-depth stories – are flourishing. [...] It seems ironic that the web, along with cellphones and other portable computers, has saved the very thing we thought it would kill. And short stories may just be next." [wired.com]

In coedition with La Stampa we launched yesterday a new ebook series: the first title, Viaggio nella grande crisi, is a collection of eight original articles from some of the best La Stampa contributors - including Mario Calabresi, La Stampa's director, and Gianni Riotta - to explain the economic crisis we currently live in.

The main idea is to move in-depth analysis articles into a more flexible reading environment with a different reading experience compared to the paper one. We think this is a challenge to be embraced with new territory to explore and lots of possibilities still waiting to be discovered. This is a new path for journalism, one where there is space for experimenting, starting with language and techniques. Technology opens new perspectives on lots of different aspects, and the intersection between books and news is one of the most interesting.

Italian readers really appreciate it: in a few ours "Viaggio nella grande crisi" came on top of the Italian iBookStore chart, ahead Stephen King ("Mile 81") and Haruki Murakami ("1Q84").

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