A Horror Story with Spooky Flowers and Almonds

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A horror story set in a futuristic society where people face an epidemic that’s not only infecting its food supply, but every living being in it, too. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t get away from it. Of course. The Grinding House will be there to pick up the pieces, bones and all.


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"As with most of the best horror writing, though, the power of Warren’s strongest stories comes from the mirror they hold up to our everyday practices and prejudices. [...] Sexuality and self-image are intimately tied to this recurring circumstance and it is here that Warren’s gift for the grotesque inflicts the most damage. That the protagonists are generally more pitiable than sympathetic somehow makes what they do and what is done to them that much worse." The Internet Review of Science Fiction

"Her fiction shifts across genres smoothly and intelligently, never settling for the easy path. Similar to Roman Polanski, she doesn't flinch when she depicts unsettling situations and she places her characters in convincing moral dilemmas that are as compelling as they are realistic. [...] I finished this book one hour before my wedding, and if the stories had been longer I might well have been late." Infinity Plus


"The woman bent down to the boy. She kissed his cheek. «I'm sorry, darling, I have to show them.» She lifted open the boy's eyelids. Sasha gasped and turned away. Nick couldn't look either. The cop said, «Jesus.» He picked the kid up. «We've got to get him to the hospital.»"


Kaaron Warren is an award-winning author of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Fiction. Her stories have been published in magazines in Australia, the US and the United Kingdom. She is an active member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild.


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