Five Tips for Writing Horror

15 Dec 2011 in international | questo post è lungo 169 parole

 Kaaron Warren is an Australian award-winner author of Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy short stories and novels. Blog | @kaaronwarren

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My Five Tips for Writing Horror:

  1. Be honest, be brave, do not balk. Take your story to the place it needs to go and don’t take the easy route.

  2. Get into the head of your monster. Make your monster real. It might be person, creature, situation, location or fear itself. You need to know it to make it frightening.

  3. Tap into guilt, regret and sorrow, the emotions that keep us awake at night.

  4. Use the language of the senses to draw your reader in. How does it smell, sound, taste, feel?

  5. Don’t write merely to shock. People are used to shock-horror. You need to get beneath the skin. Use a flensing knife and keep it sharp. It’s good to shock, but only as part of the story you tell.

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