A story with Saving Laughters and Unusual Babies.

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A distraught woman stumbles out of the rain into the shabby office of a Private Investigator. How could she leave her cottage in Suffolk earlier in the day and find herself in downtown USA? Meet “the name’s on the door” PI, the hardboiled Gumshoe with a sappy heart who is prepared to take on a case where a baby has seemingly turned into wood. His clients may all enter through the door, but they usually leave with him through one of the many exits he has discovered since he took over the business. Move over Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe. Make way for … Now what is his name?


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"A hard-boiled private investigator with a talent for twisting dimensions … a beautiful dame … a changeling baby made of wood … the perfect ingredients for the first of my String City Mysteries, a series of fantasy noir detective romps due to be published by 40k Books throughout 2012.

I wrote The Wooden Baby immediately after devouring a Dashiell Hammett anthology. I’m not the first to mix up the fantasy and detective genres, but it’s such a juicy collision I can’t resist it. Later stories in the series explore the strange city where my nameless gumshoe lives, but this first adventure just places him in an anonymous office in the middle of, apparently, nowhere.

The Wooden Baby by Graham Edwards was first published in the April 2005 edition of Realms of Fantasy."

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"I’m hard to find. Don’t ask me why, it just works that way.
I don’t place ads. I’m not in the phone book. I don’t have a website and there isn’t a search engine that even knows I exist.
But I exist all right. And people who need my services badly enough, well, they track me down somehow.
Like the woman who burst into my office last night."


Graham Edwards is an English author of Fantasy, and Crime novels. His short fiction (including a series of weird novelettes about a hard-boiled detective who dabbles with dimensions in the strange town of String City) has been published in US magazines and collected for anthologies. One of these – Girl in Pieces – made the longlist for the Nebula Awards.


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