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HATING AMAZON IS NOT A STRATEGY "Amazon's Price Check promotion caused quite the kerfuffle last week, and the publishing industry arguably made the most noise — which is interesting, as books were not included in the promotion. Author Richard Russo fanned the flames again on Monday with his op-ed piece in the New York Times, in which he noted responses from his fellow writers: "I wondered what my writer friends made of all this, so I dashed off an e-mail to Scott Turow, the president of the Authors Guild, and cc'ed Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, Andre Dubus III, Anita Shreve, Tom Perrotta and Ann Patchett." The response?" O'Reilly Radar | @JennWebb

A WAR STORY, A KINDLE SINGLE, AND HOPE FOR LONG-FORM JOURNALISM "The scheme of doing some on-scene journalism for a known title, in my case The Atlantic, as a loss-leader, and then using that work as the basis for a direct-published, long-form item, seems to be working out. I've only tried this once, and we're not even a month into this experiment. But already, I feel like I've reached a community of readers that compares favorably to my more traditional work — and the work is able to pay for itself. I'm on track to break even on the investment I made to travel to Libya and report the story. Once that happens, the next question is whether people will continue to download the story in large enough numbers for it to become a viable funding mechanism for the next story I decide to do. Right now it's looking promising." O'Reilly Radar | @MarcHerman

CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT US, SAYS PUBLISHER. CAN TOO, SAYS KONRATH "Digital Book World‘s Executive Editor Jeremy Greenfield recently released a document circulated inside the Hachette Book Group that was purportedly not intended to be seen by outsiders. The report rebuts the commonly sounded criticism that legacy publishers are no longer relevant. Subsequently J. A. Konrath, popularly acclaimed as the voice of independent publishers and legacy publishing’ s most articulate critic, issued a confutation on the DBW website. Both debaters scored points. What are we to believe?" Publishing in the 21st Century | @ereads

EBOOK EXCLUSIVITY - A GOOD OR BAD IDEA? "Let me say upfront that I am not a friend of Amazon. I disapprove of Amazon’s attempts to dominate the ebook market. But I do admire Amazon’s creativity. The one thing I truly feel confident in stating about Amazon is this: whatever Amazon does, it has carefully thought about how it will ultimately benefit Amazon and further Amazon’s dominance interests. In other words, Amazon is a business’ business. Unfortunately, a corollary to that equation is that what is good for Amazon may not be good for consumers and/or authors and publishers in the long-term. Amazon is proving adept at focusing everyone outside Amazon on the short-term and assuming that the long-term will be equally glorious. As the song goes, “It ain’t necessarily so.”" An American Editor

AMAZON'S JUNGLE LOGIC "As I see it, the problem with Amazon stems from the fact that though it started out as a bookseller, it isn’t anymore, not really. It sells everything now, and it sells it all aggressively. Maybe Amazon doesn’t care about the larger bookselling universe because it’s simply too big to care. In a way it’s become, like the John Candy character (minus the eager, slobbering benevolence) in Mel Brooks’s movie “Spaceballs” — half man, half dog and thus its own best friend." The New York Times

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