A Story with a Charming Woman and an Electricity Magnate

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When the head of the local cop shop phones to call in a favour, our PI is unable to refuse.

Electricity magnate, Theo Carr wants to know what his son is up to. All the Gumshoe has to go on is a scrap of paper and two words. Soliciting the help of his old friend Jimmy the Griff leads the PI to young Donny Carr and a syren club. A syren song can turn your brain to mush. Donny is syren-smitten.

But just why is Captain Silverback so interested? What links Carr’s electricity empire to the syren clubs? Fortunately, Gumshoe has wax earplugs and an operatic skeleton key to help him solve the case.


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"A hard-boiled private investigator with a talent for twisting dimensions … a beautiful dame … a changeling baby made of wood … the perfect ingredients for the first of my String City Mysteries, a series of fantasy noir detective romps due to be published by 40k Books throughout 2012.

I wrote The Wooden Baby immediately after devouring a Dashiell Hammett anthology. I’m not the first to mix up the fantasy and detective genres, but it’s such a juicy collision I can’t resist it. Later stories in the series explore the strange city where my nameless gumshoe lives, but this first adventure just places him in an anonymous office in the middle of, apparently, nowhere.

The Wooden Baby by Graham Edwards was first published in the April 2005 edition of Realms of Fantasy."

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"«Satellite view», I said.
«Oh, if you insist», the map replied. «Although you do realise that my first priority, given that you have already selected a destination, is to compute your optimum route and estimated journey time …»
«Just do it» I said, «or I’m trading you in for a road atlas.»"


Graham Edwards is an English author of Fantasy, and Crime novels. His short fiction (including a series of weird novelettes about a hard-boiled detective who dabbles with dimensions in the strange town of String City) has been published in US magazines and collected for anthologies. One of these – Girl in Pieces – made the longlist for the Nebula Awards.


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