A Tale Beautifully Soaked in Legend, Myth and History

24 Feb 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 199 parole


The last living descendent of the Incas, on his deathbed, tells a reporter the story of how he led a Spanish Conquistador, to a lost city of Incan gold. Now the question is: that man was or not Pizzarro?

«“Ghost Dancing with Manco Tupac” was an incredible story. I’ll have to snap up a copy of this next payday.» [Matt Staggs]


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«"What do you hope to find?” I asked. I had no religion, only a faith in the myths my mother had whispered to me even as a baby at her breast, a faith in the confident way she told them. It gave me secret pride that such tales had outlived the Spanish conquest, for the Christian god was by contrast colorless. “What do you hope to find?” A one word answer. The only honest answer, ever. “Gold."»


Jeff VanDerMeer, World Fantasy Award winner, is a full time fantasy best seller author. You can also read his essays and reviews for The Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly, The New York Times Book Review, and many others.

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