Pricing Books and Ebooks

21 May 2012 in international | questo post รจ lungo 153 parole

"Much of what Amazon does is smart. Not having a printed price on their published books, and not having prices in product descriptions, means Amazon can change prices when needed.

They can put things on sale, price-match, and allow retailers to find their own price point depending on supply and demand, location, and market fluctuations. The customer doesn't ever feel like they're paying too much. It wouldn't be immediately obvious if a book is discounted or not, just like it is with all goods.

I propose that no books should have prices on them. I think it would benefit everyone.

But that goes against what publishers want--control over retail prices. They want to condition customers to pay more. That's always been their game plan, and it still is.

That isn't good for customers. It isn't good for retailers. It isn't good for authors."

via A Newbie's Guide to Publishing: Pricing Books and Ebooks.

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