E-bookselling Means Being Relevant, Accessible, Honest

24 May 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 143 parole

"There’s a new world in sight. For publishers, it’s a world with less risk and higher margins, with less conjectures and more control. For readers, it’s a world with books written just for them. For all of us, it is a world filled with great stories.

But let’s start from the very beginning: the internet connects people. With your screen as the window to the world, everyone is within reach. Finally, the publishing industry has started to realize the implications, and it comes like an epiphany: I can sell my books myself!

For the big players, it is a way to get to know their readers and retain control of the publishing process. For small publishers, it means they can get their books out there, without the big ones setting the rules."

via D2C E-bookselling Means Being Relevant, Accessible, Honest | Publishing Perspectives.

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