Going to where the readers are (how publishing is a service industry too)

28 May 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 365 parole

"Many authors make a Kindle only decision.  They participate in the Kindle Owners Lending Library which means their books are exclusive to Kindle for a period of 90 days.  They may choose to do business with publishers who do not have distribution arms other than through Amazon and their own sites.

IPG reduced the availability of its books by ceasing to do business with Amazon AND by failing to provide the Kindle readers with a legitimate alternative.   When these authors choose the Kindle only option, they reduce the availability of their books to readers.  Maybe as much as 1/3 of the readership is excluded by a Kindle only publishing option.

As an ebook reader, I am frustrated when people tell me that I should just read a book in paper format.  That’s not my preferred format.  I want to read digitally.  If I was a nook or Sony or Kobo reader, I would not want people to tell me that I can read a book on the computer using the Kindle app. I want that book to be made available to me in the format I prefer.  Many readers will have no idea on how to download and convert a book from Kindle to epub and many won’t be able to because of DRM restrictions.

Further, in non US markets, Amazon often adds a surcharge of $2.00 that the author never gets a cent from.  Thus non US readers are punished again.  Not only is the book that they want not available in their preferred format, but they have to pay extra for the privilege of reading the book.

It is imperative for authors and publishers to go where the reader is whether that reader is a Kindle owner or a Sony owner or a Kobo owner or some other device owner not yet invented.  The onus is not on the reader to leave her preferred device or way of reading behind in order to access a book. It is the publisher of the book, whether it be the author or some other entity, to go to the reader."

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