On the whole, book publishers are a decent lot.

04 Jun 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 263 parole

"Pity the poor antipiracy pitchman. Digital media means perfect copying, and most pirate goods are now of comparable quality to the official release, and often superior to the commercial alternative. Pirated e-books, for example, can be easily converted to any format, for any player. And pirated games don’t include antipiracy technology that force-quits your game every time your network connection bobbles.

Likewise, there’s no way the legit marketplace can compete on price. It’s eminently possible to compete with free just ask any bottled water company, just not on price. Some legitimate sales channels are marginally more convenient to use think of Amazon’s Whispernet, but most online content marketplaces can’t hold a candle to the Pirate Bay on the user experience side.

And forget threats, like those unskippable piracy warnings on movies, the irony being those warnings are only watched by people who haven’t pirated, for much the same reason you look for your keys under the lamppost instead of where you actually dropped them. Only innumerate people will be scared off of piracy by the threat of a lawsuit, and swearing off free downloads over fear of a legal reprisal is like quitting your job in the hopes of winning the Lotto.

Yes, making the case against illegal downloading can be hard graft. So, without quality, price, convenience, or the threat of punishment, how can publishers convince people to do the right thing and buy? Basically, with an appeal to decency: you should buy our goods because it’s the right thing to do."

Read the full article:  WIth A LIttle Help: Publishing’s Virtue.

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