What We Talk About When We Talk About Content Abundance

04 Jun 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 152 parole

"So Why Does Content Abundance Matter?

It’s impossible to predict how much this flood of content will affect:

  • the sales of traditionally published books,

  • the quality of readers’ experience, or

  • the likelihood that any particular author’s work might actually be read (and paid for!).

My feeling is that a lot on how much faith you have in algorithms and other means of search and filtering. I’m quite skeptical that this general approach can or will produce good results as they are based on existing content consumption behavior within a relative finite world of content. Imagine doing a keyword search on Amazon when there are 100 million titles, and browsing?—I don’t think so. These are inherently “dumb” filters. The future of content abundance will require intelligent filters, at least partly based on human discernment of quality."

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