How to become an ebook superstar

07 Jun 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 206 parole

A growing number of ambitious authors are turning to self-publishing. But how do they translate their aspirations into success?

"It has never been easier to publish your own book. Traditional publishers may take a year to turn your manuscript into print on a page but you can get your own ebook on sale around the world in about four minutes. The real battle, however, is the same as it ever was: how do you find an audience?

Old-school publishing houses will almost certainly endure. Their expertise in not only editing but distributing and publicising your book increases its chances of success. But alongside them are a growing number of authors who have become editor/designer/marketeer/sales director for their own ebooks. In return for this slog, instead of a modest advance plus 8%–15% royalty from a traditional publisher, a self-published author may enjoy royalties of 70% if their book is sold at a certain price £1.49 to £7.81 in the Kindle store.

Self-published authors will also get the buzz of seeing their ebooks in high-street shops after Waterstones recently made a surprise deal with rival Amazon to sell Kindles and its ebooks through its 300 stores."

Read the full article: How to become an ebook superstar | Books | The Guardian.

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