Publishers Still Dying Under The Consignment Model

10 Jun 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 192 parole

"I asked him about his recent piece in Publisher’s Weekly.

In particular:

Perhaps we in the industry are so used to being glum that we refuse to see the thrilling opportunity in front of us. We remain committed to doing business the way it’s always been done. Despite a computer on every desk and exciting new marketing tools online, we perpetuate the same old system, working through retailers and treating the electronic world as simply a tool to augment our presence in the real world. And it means wrestling with Amazon over how to sell. It’s a match that publishers are likely to lose—consumers like getting books for less money—but this is not a battle publishers have to fight, unless they refuse to evolve.

Most of the comments at PW were supportive and Oakes appreciated that, though he wasn’t surprised. “You find that the more people know about publishing or bookselling, the more they recognize the problems. It’s not just about picking the good book and working hard, the whole system is screwed up right now.”

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