Self-published authors find e-success

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Its a paradigm shift

Barbara Freethy, a top romance writer for 20 years who has written 30 novels, says that this year, she has sold 1.3 million self-published e-book versions of 17 of her out-of-print novels. Nine hit USA TODAYs top 150.

"There have been more changes in the last two years than in the previous 18 years I have been in publishing," says the San Francisco writer, who is considering self-publishing her new book, A Secret Wish. She finds it satisfying to see the balance of power shift within publishing, with authors gaining more control over their work.

"Its a paradigm shift and a revolution," says J.A. Konrath, who is considered the guru of the self-publishing movement. "Its a huge win for readers," who now have easier access to more writers from around the world, he says.

Konrath, 41, who had modest success writing mysteries published by several traditional publishers who still publish him, is now also a best-selling writer of self-published e-books. He also runs the influential website The Newbies Guide to Publishing.

"I am a guy who had his butt kicked by the industry for 20 years, and now Im showing other authors what they can do so they dont have to go through the same thing," he says. "Traditional book publishers are just serving drinks on the Titanic.

"Konrath has seen his income from his self-published e-book sales go from $1,400 in April 2009 to $68,000 in April 2011.

But before you quit your day job to become a best-selling e-book writer, Konrath points out that the vast number of books released in any form, print or e-book, dont sell. To become a successful writer, talent, hard work and self-promotion are important. But publishing remains, at heart, a lottery. "Ive always had that caveat. You have to get lucky," he says.

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