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09 Jul 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 300 parole

Half way between traditional and self publishing, between blog and book.

«Our idea of book comes out from the functional characteristics of the physical object. Paper was a "scarce resource" - it is expensive, its distribution and storage is complex. Paper books create a set of rules to define content, starting from pages and their limits. Going digital, the idea of book as a product vanishes, and the same happens to the distance between paper books and different kinds of content outside paper boundaries. So, maybe I'm wrong, we need to be prepared to change our perspective.

Perhaps the idea of book that we will have in 21st century will not be bounded anymore to an object, but to a reading experience. That reading experience that we were used to associate to paper books - because of the physical object - and that today we can associate to any kind of content.»

Giuseppe Granieri, 40k Editorial Director (Read the complete Italian version)

We launched 40k Unofficial having in mind an idea: to associate to contents which are too long to be read online the same relaxed and confortable reading experience that we usually associate to paper books.

In 40k Unofficial we take care of the editorial quality of books, but we do not select contents: they are completely under author's responsibility. Often, while writing on your blog, you might need more space to articulate a thought but you might think that the web is not the right place for that kind of reading. 40k Unofficial publishes exactly that kind of content, by mixing traditional and self publishing.

40k Unofficial is still in a beta-version: we started with a series of titles from Italian bloggers, about different subjects - politics, fashion, humor, future. Contact us for any question about the project.

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