The Only Adjective to Describe Publishing Is "Beautiful"

22 Nov 2012 in international | questo post è lungo 187 parole

Richard Nash is an independent publishing entrepreneur, presently launching Cursor, a start-up portfolio of social publishing imprints the first of which, Red Lemonade, will launch in Spring 2011. Blog | @R_Nash

The only certain thing in publishing nowadays is that everything moves really fast. If you should describe the actual situation with three adjectives, which ones would you pick and why?

Beautiful: it's like Keats's "On First Looking Into Chapman's Homer"…we've been muddling through the jungle for a while, still a lovely and intense place, but where publishing is now, we're reaching the point at which we can begin to see the Pacific and comprehend the true scale of the world. (And remember, that's a metaphor for reading.)

That's really the only adjective that matters. The rest just describe work: some days are joyful, some days stressful.

Could you point out an example of innovation in publishing that is worth to look at in the next future?

Poeti.ca A very simply tool for copyediting but one that is gentle and wise.

Which are in your opinion the three unavoidable steps for publishers today?

Humility. Service. Diligence.

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